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Our Commitment Runs Deep

The Doe Run Company has a long history in the rolling hills of southern Missouri. But we don’t just operate here, we live here. As part of this region, we are committed to protecting our shared resources, providing jobs and building a brighter future together.


Feature Story: Low Cost, Low Carbon, Life Changing: The LC Super Hybrid
In 2012, the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) debuted a revolutionary concept car developed in partnership with several automotive industry suppliers. The prototype demonstrates that micro-mild hybrid electric vehicles powered by lead-carbon batteries can provide consumers with reliable, affordable transportation that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, improves mileage and costs thousands less than other commercially available hybrids.


We inhabit one earth. The minerals we mine are vital to society in so many ways. Recovering minerals and recycling metals in a responsible manner is important to all of us.




Doe Run’s success is dependent on the support of various stakeholders. Our employees and communities are two groups critical to our success.




What does it take to create value? Innovation is certainly a part of it. Talented employees and strong supplier partnerships also are key to economic vitality. The stories below share how Doe Run generates value.



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2012 Sustainability Report

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